Gnomes Are Real!

For centuries, gnomes have been living side by side with humans, protecting and tending to their gardens. Gnomes ask for little in return for the luck and support they provide. They may occasionally sneak into the kitchen to nibble on a crumb of bread or morsel of cheese, but for the most part they are quiet and docile.

After centuries of peace and quiet, however, the Gnoman race is craving adventure and excitement. Gnomes long to travel, meet new people and experience the world firsthand. They are jovial and fun-loving, and tend to sing, dance and hit on fairies after a few beers.

Our mission is to liberate gnomes from their humble garden dwellings, take them out into the world and show them a good time.

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  1. Scooter says:

    After three years I finally got a gnome in 2011. One reason was I knew I was going to South America. I woud like to know the appropriate spot to place a link to my NON Burning Man gnome photos. I am using memeo share rather than Flickr or Facebook. Preview them at
    Muchas Gracias, Scooter

  2. Chelsea says:

    Please get back to me with as much information as you are able to conveniently provide! Spiritualist are always telling me that my higher self resides in the Earth realm with the Gnomes…. one of them even spilled the beans that I’m supposedly the “Gnome Queen.” As a human, I have no idea what this could all mean, but none the less I am transfixed by these creatures who have helped me when I ask, though evade me in sight.

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